Quick Tips About Resume For Software Developer

The software development field is expanding rapidly as more companies are understanding the need for advanced technology. Software developing is a well-paying, and great career with many opportunities.  The competition against other developers requires your resume to stand out above the rest. The following are tips about a job-winning resume for software developer.

1. List Your Personal Information First: Give the potential employer your name, address, telephone number, and email address at the top of the first page. It’s important to make it easy for the company to get a hold of you quickly.

2. Objectives Are Not Necessary: The job you are applying for is your objective. Save the space for useful information.

3. Showcase Your Qualifications First: Give the interviewer something interesting to read right off the bat. Are you an expert on any level? Are you known for accomplishing certain tasks? What is your title and experience? Ex: Expert in advanced processes and code analyzing for over seven years.

4. List Every Technical Skills: Mention knowledge about technical tools & Programming Language, Operating Systems etc in this section of resume for software developer. The employer wants to know what you can do for the company. You do not need to write anything about each program, just make a list. Include items companies would be looking for such as: Java, C/C++, Visual Basic, HTML, Pascal, Python, .Net, etc.

5. Give All Professional Experience That Pertains To The Job: There’s no need to include entry level jobs that have nothing to do with your field, such as pizza delivery, soccer coach, or fast food cashier, unless you have no other work experience. Highlight the work you’ve done that will give the employer an idea of what you are capable of in the workplace.

6. Don’t Just Make A List: Start with the most recent position you’ve held, what year you began and ended your work there, but before moving on to the next job, give a brief description of your role in the company, then list your achievement highlights in the resume for software developer. Did you design software to help your company? Did you participate in or create projects and presentations? Did you help increase revenue? The more the potential employer knows about you, the better.

7. List Education From Most Recent: This can come after your job experience. Obviously you would not be able to hold a software developer position had you no education, so this is not needed first on the list.

8. Include A Leadership/Hobbies/Interest: This section should be at the end of resume for software developer. It is important to be well-rounded and show that you have other interests outside of work. Do you play an instrument, coach a sport, serve on a board, or read stories to children on weekends at the library? Include outside activities.

9. Be Honest: While it may be tempting to exaggerate, it is very easy for employers to find information about potential hires. Be truthful.

Before you send that resume off, make sure to use spell and grammar check, proofread several times, and read it out loud to check for errors the computer program misses. Good luck!

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