Quick Tips About Resume for Registered Nurses

When creating a resume for registered nurses, highlight your education, communication and organizational skills, and level of experience. Keep information not relevant to the position at a minimum.

1. List Your Contact Information First: This information goes at the top and includes your full name, full address, telephone numbers, and email addresses. Spell out words like Street, Drive, etc.

2. Start With A Professional Summary: This is also called the objective, but rather than one simple sentence, write a short paragraph that encapsulates your qualifications. For example: “Competent and caring Registered nurse with 12 years of experience of providing care to a variety of patients. Possesses a BS and a Master’s in nursing along with continuing education to gain knowledge and experience in the field. Seeking a position in a medical facility that can utilize my knowledge, education, and experience.”

3. List Professional Employment Experience: Always start with most recent experience first in the resume for registered nurse. List the name of the medical facility in bold, your title there, the city, state, and dates in which you were an employee. Provide a bulleted and detailed summary of your duties, responsibilities, and experience. Did you provide direct care daily to patients? Were you responsible for evaluating, monitoring, and recording data? How many patients did you care for a day? Did you gain any supervision or management experience, or mentored new hires?

4. List Educational Background: As with experience, use most recent education and training first. Include degree, majors and minors, institution, city, and state, and dates of attendance in resume of registered nurse. Include if you graduated magna cum laude, cum laude, or had an impressive grade point average. The degrees you list here should match with those in the summary.

5. Professional Affiliations: Are you a member of Associations, such as American Nurses Association, American Student Nurses Association, or American Holistic Nurses Association? What year did you become a member?

8. Awards: If you have won any fellowships, scholarships, or grants, add them here. Describe in detail what they were for, and the dates they were received in the resume of registered nurse. diagnostics/prognostics, quality of care, case management, treatments, techniques, and supervision.

9. Hobbies (optional): Some employers like to get a feel for your personality, and listing some hobbies are a good way for them to get an idea. List sports and recreational activities, crafts, designing, or other hobbies that show you are a well-rounded individual.

10. Additional Licenses: Do you have any other credentials or licenses? List them here, along with the state in which they were obtained. Examples: Progressive Care Certified Nurse Certification (PCCN), AIDS Certified Registered Nurse (ACRN), Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN), Family Nurse Practitioner, etc.

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