Quick Tips About Resume for Janitors and Cleaners

When applying for a janitorial or cleaning post there are a few things that will help you make your resume professionally polished. This is the first indicator of who you are so make every effort to make it count.
1. Discuss Position: When submitting a resume for janitorial or other cleaning positions begin by discussing the desired post. Tell how much the salary, if known and opportunity could mean to you.
2. Give Contact Information: List your personal information next. Your name, address, phone number and email address should be on the first page. This gives easy contact access in numerous ways.
3. Avoid Repetition: Resume templates often state an objective next. Your whole objective in submitting a resume is to obtain the job you are applying for. Concise, pertinent information is always best.
4. Prove Capabilities: Showcase your qualifications next. Every business, church or organization needs a clean, polished appearance regardless of what they do. Knowing that this is one area that never has to be considered is one less worry for the person in charge.
5. Be Specific: Tell what you are really good at. Commendations can be mentioned that you may have received for your outstanding job. If you single-handedly performed large janitorial jobs tell about that. If you led others in cleaning that was superior to previous work, explain that.
6. Give New Ideas: Sometimes new ways of doing a job can make a vast improvement for an organization. After explaining what you do and how it is better, give the amount of years you have performed this.

7. Pinpoint Skills: List all skills you perform associated with obtaining this job. If you do buffing of floors or special window cleaning explain that. Everything you are capable of doing to make an employer’s place cleaner should be named.
8. Use Brevity: Do not however, explain every detail of those skills. Just list them.
9. Less Is More: When listing experience don’t mention unrelated information. Car washing and painting in high school is irrelevant to a cleaning position. Always begin with your current or more recent job.
10. Show What You Can Do For Them: Don’t just list your positions. Tell what you did at each place that made a difference. Be sure that they feel like you are the only janitorial candidate that could keep their place clean. Things you did to help the company, special projects, anything that you did above and beyond regular cleaning skills should be named.
11. List Education: Educational listings should also begin with the most recent or current.
12. Community Involvement: Leadership should be showcased next. Tell about things you are involved in, in your community, church or civic organization. If you take a leading role, explain about that. Employers like to think you can do the extra for them if needed. They also like to feel candidates are well-rounded and care about others.
13. Maintain Honesty: Be honest in your resume. If you were fired, cleaned places a short time or had job hopping, that information will eventually come out. It is much better to show honesty. Employers respect that and will often give you a chance for explanations.
14. Double Check Resources: Be aware of your social sites and profiles. Positive and professional contacts on sites such as LinkedIn show that you have a broad spectrum of professional contacts. It can also give employers favorable impressions by the scope of people you deal with.
15. Eliminate When Necessary: Negative personal sites should absolutely not be allowed. In today’s world, employers are quick to seek every avenue to find out about potential employees. Vulgarity, profanity or other undesirable content will be seen as a reflection of who a candidate is. Negative associations on these sites should also be filtered. Employers often feel that a person’s contacts are a reflection of who a person is and what they stand for.
16. Proofread: Finally, proofread. Because cleaning is detail oriented, you should attempt to have the most professional content available to provide. Read your information aloud. Often this is an easy way to catch grammatical or typographical errors.

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