Quick Tips About Resume for Accounting

When compiling your resume for accounting, there are a few tips that might help your chances of recognition. Begin by talking about the potential career. Explain what a great opportunity it would be if you were hired. Also mention what great compensation the salary is, if that is public knowledge.

1. Accessibility: Personal information should be listed first in resume for accounting. This includes your name, address, phone number and email information. This should be the first thing a potential employer sees. Easy access should be available to prospective employers should they wish to contact you.

2. Avoid Redundancy: The objective is the job. Do not list an objective on your accounting resume. This is unnecessary information. Employers today, want concise information that can be easily scanned.

3. Be Specific: Showcase your qualifications for the accounting position you are applying for next. Give the employer the information to make them feel they need you. This is necessary whether you are a new graduate in accounting or a seasoned CPA. Specifically, any areas that you have training or experience in should be showcased.

4. Go For The Bottom Line: If you have corporate accounting experience and are applying for type job; let them know what you achieved previously in that area. If you are applying for a small business accountant’s job, explain what you can mean to the growth and well-being of the company.

5. List Your Education: Education should be listed next. Begin with your most recent degree. Again, any special awards, notifications or specialized certifications should be pointed out for them. Employers reviewing large amounts of resumes are often looking for one attribute that makes a candidate superior to the rest.

6. Leadership Skills: Community Involvement Leadership skills should be listed next. Outside activities are viewed favorably by employers. Work and fund-raising for non-profits and others in the community show a genuine concern for others. If you lead in any of those areas, that should be showcased.

7. Interests & Hobbies: Interests Hobbies are something employers like to see. This gives additional insight into what a person enjoys and how they spend their spare time. Employers like to feel they are hiring well rounded employees.

8. Transparency: Honesty should be used in your accounting resume. Areas that are undesirable, such as termination and frequent jobs will come out in the long run. Listing those items not only shows integrity on the part of the candidate, but sometimes gives an opportunity to explain the circumstances leading to situations.

9. Double Check: Proofread your information. In a “detail oriented” field such as accounting mistakes initially can very likely cost you a chance for a position.

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